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2008-02-18 17:04:23 by Bandwith

I'm putting my songs on my newer account, it's not being stolen, kthnxbie.


2007-12-12 12:22:42 by Bandwith

Well, I have tons of stuff I've been working on.
Most of it is too big for NG, but I promise I'll post some new music soon.

Listen as a ramble...

2007-10-20 18:17:43 by Bandwith

It seems that I am getting a good amount of rep, I've already had several requests to mix custom themes and loops.
In other news, I got to get myself a banner to put up ^there^
But I'm too lazy.
Maybe I'll do it today, maybe tomorrow.
Maybe I'll hire Donald Trumpet to do it.
Or maybe John Kennedy.
Maybe I'll make a banner, and put both of them in it.
Or maybe I will just stop talking about it and actually go do it.
Or maybe not.


2007-09-30 17:02:08 by Bandwith

Bwahaha, I scratched both my old tracks to start over.
You know, since I'm getting the hang of this.